1. 1. Nickname (s), real name, age & location?

    My name is Liedson, My name Nickname Gagz, I have 17 years, Sobral-CE, BRAZIL

    2. Tell us a bit about your MTA story:

    A bit of history is that in 2012 I played SAMP with some friends who I knew in time, Oh my friend who played there called all of us to play MTA-PLAY, to pass the time, I started to play on Gamer Portal (PG) a server that was known by Brazilians where and u learn to play a little bit the gameplay (Oldschool). I kept seeing the dude all passing the map, but I couldn't, so that's when I started practicing on the AEG (server training). So I learn a little of the basics of gameplay (Deathmatch). 2014-2015, I already knew how to play a little more, it was there where I know the clan calling Brothers World [Bw], Where I stayed a long time in that clan, with a long I was owner of the clan, ~ uF | -United Freestyle, at the time I was glad she made success in my hand, in 2016-2017, I could spend several cool map, you know the/TfF\Trainning, I trained enough to get better, I've been following, you know the FFS GAMING, spent a lot of time there playing with friends and etc..

    3. Previous clans and why you left them:

    [Bw] Brothers World - CLOSED
    ~ uF | United Freestyle - CLOSED
    ~| Swc-Skills Without Control - CLOSED
    LXG//Latin's Xtreme Gamers - Kicked is inactive
    Skilled Gaming -sK- CLOSED

    4. Why do you want to be a part of our family?

    I'm interested in the clan, for being a clan that has many Brazilians, has a good performance goals and is slightly different from other clan, also want to know a little more of WFF, have friends there also i ...

    5. In what way can you help us to reach the top?

    Well, I can help with Cw's, Wff's, Scripter ...
    On this, I will follow the rules of the clan, about what the leading me to pass to make, I will fulfill.

    6. Have you got any special skills? (Mapping, scripting, designing, etc)

    I'm good with scripts.

    7. How do you rate your skills? (DM, Hunter & WFF)

    So, talking about the real I don't know ...
    DM 9/10
    HUNTER 9/10
    WFF 8/10.

    8. When are you available to play? (Day (s) and hour (s) that you can play)

    Only time I can't play this afternoon (15:00 the 19:00) I do stage, after that, I will be available all the time.

    9. What languages do you speak and understand?

    English (more or less)
    EspaŮol (I speak more Spanish than English)

    10. What social media do you use ?

    WhatsApp : 5588994760459
    Discord: Gagzera#9767

    11. What makes you different from the others candidates?

    Well,I am very dedicated, for example workouts, CW, WFF, etc...

    12. Additional information:

    I tried to do a Join Request cool, plus I don't know how to do many of these things xD, else is there my Join Request, I thank all of you.

  2. 12-01-2019, 06:16
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 12-01-2019, 06:16 • #2
    Boa Sorte viado<3
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  3. 12-01-2019, 06:34
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    Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request 12-01-2019, 06:34 • #3
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  4. Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request Today, 02:56 • #4
    se tu voltar a jogar como antes ai se entra pra foxx gl <33333333
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  5. Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request Today, 03:23 • #5
    um novo macaco
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  6. Re: [FoXX] Gagz's Join Request Today, 03:34 • #6
    It usually triggers me when I see people typing random English, not that mine is better, but I respect you for trying to make it readable, best of luck my man.
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