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    Re: Missing grass effect in race arena 12-01-2019, 23:24 • #11
    While this conversation I've already checked almost every offroad map in the training arena (cause there isn't this feature yet) and I still couln't discover the random appearances. I've focused at some specific trees, drove forward until they disappear and drove back to check if they appear again and they did. (I did this multiple times) Idk... but I belive you what you say, maybe it happens sometimes...
    If you implement this option I would be sooooooooooo thankful for that.

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    Re: Missing grass effect in race arena 13-01-2019, 00:03 • #12
    well it is random when u play different offroad maps(if u play a map a lot of times the trees and rocks wont be random placed) cause when open the map editor the trees and rocks will be placed in the same place for that map in every server, and if open the map editor in another time the trees and rocks will be in different places.
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