1. Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 22.01.2018) 22-01-2018, 22:35 • #61
    22.01.2018 - Bugfixes, Improvements, Hunter divided & Join Requests reopened!


    • Sidebar > Store: fixed issues of bought tuning items disappearing when purchasing vehicle/light colors @Sniper
    • Sidebar > Store: bought tuning item is now immediately applied to current
      vehicle @Sniper
    • Sidebar > Store: fixed breathing headlights can't be bought @Sniper
    • Sidebar > Store: fixed /store command not working @Sniper
    • Other minor fixes

    Features & Improvements:
    • CW Shooter: kills/deaths are not affected anymore
    • DD Cross Classic xDD, Hunter WSF & Shooter WSF: players that participated and left the arena during the round will not be considered for rewards when the round ends anymore
    • DD Cross Classic xDD, Hunter WSF & Shooter WSF: leaving the arena will result in ratio reset if it was positive (so that players with bad ratio don't rejoin the arena in purpose to reset it)
    • DD Cross Classic xDD, Hunter WSF & Shooter WSF: AFK detector with 3 seconds warning will now kick instantly
    • DD Cross Classic xDD: strict high ping and low FPS detectors will now kick instantly
    • Shooter WSF: disabled low FPS detector
    • CW Race/Trials: disabled high ping and low FPS detectors @Sniper
    • Performance improvements @LuXorioN

    Hunter divided:
    • Hunter arena has been divided into two rooms in order to leave you the right to choose
    • Hunter Alpha:
      • Slots: 32
      • Type: individual (no teaming allowed)
      • 10 minute rounds with no respawn
      • Anti-spray disabled
    • Hunter Beta WSF:
      • Slots: 24
      • Type: individual (no teaming allowed)
      • 7,5 minute rounds with respawn after being killed
      • Anti-spray enabled
      • Kill players, increase your kills/deaths ratio, the player to get the higher ratio wins
      • Money & points are given as a reward if at least 7 players participated during the round

    Update status: LIVE!

    Join Requests reopened!

    We appreciate your patience! Join Requests section has been slightly updated:
    • Join Requests and Squad Applications combined into one section
    • We have as well updated thread prefixes: set Trial prefix if you want to apply for Trial membership and read How to make a proper Join Request? thread firstly! Set one of Squad prefixes if you want to become an Squad and don't forget to get the right format from How to make a proper Squad Application? thread!
    • The way we pick fresh meat hasn't changed at all, good luck!


  2. 24-01-2018, 21:07
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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 22.01.2018) 24-01-2018, 21:07 • #62
    24.01.2018 - Stuntage Update

    Total of 536 new stunts and 1 time challenge.
    Total of $3,515,986

    SeaWays III by Atilax12, OVERHELL, Reflex, ThoriN and Lacza14
    135 new stunts.
    Total of $870,373


    Turbo City by Turbo^,
    72 new stunts.
    Total of $263,783

    Paradise Keys by OVERHELL and ThoriN
    147 new stunts
    Total of $1,066,718

    Patient City by Leo.Nidas
    64 new stunts
    Total of $612,601


    Alpha Paradise by WalK, DRiVeR, HawK and Kevin
    118 new stunts and 1 time challenge.
    Total of $702,448


    Stunts that require mega or superjump are no longer accepted.

    Update status: LIVE!
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  3. 18-04-2018, 01:07
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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 24.01.2018) 18-04-2018, 01:07 • #63
    18.04.2018 - A followup to Carball & New Wheels

    Carball development has always been a painful story for us in the past. There were virtually no updates given to this really fun mode a few months after release already. It remained stuck on a different server due to technical reasons and many promises remained unfulfilled for a long time. We also apologize for the fact our Carball Mapping Contest ended without any stadium ever being implemented. After Bauss' illegal sale of FFS to a person named Jamie and the eventual return of it into safe hands with For Future Sake, we ended up missing vital parts of Carball's source code. Further development of Carball seemed less probable than ever.

    A decent bunch of months later, after various attempts and with the kind help of MTA developer ccw, we managed to restore most of the missing source code to the point we are now able to kick-start Carball development after almost 3 years.

    That said, we are making up for the past absense of Carball development by...
    • integrating the Carball arena into our main server (no more switching between servers - yay!)
    • reworking the way stadiums are loaded allowing more than just one stadium
    • vastly improving compatibility with our Multigamemode
    • recreating Goalie scoreboard in main menu from scratch
    • resetting Goalie scores due to formerly possible score manipulation
    • adding Carball statistics to our forum @Micra
    • removing "Mr. Bean" vehicle option to reduce download size
    • making countless fixes and minor improvements

    ...and not to forget - brand new stadiums, aswell!

    Sandy Fire by Mechanic
    Click to show

    Sneak peak for a stadium to be added in a very-near-future update
    Click to show

    New Wheels:

    In addition to our major Carball update we are also introducing a complete overhaul of our Wheels Shop with 10 new custom wheels! We will also be adding 7 donor-exclusive wheels in a future update. Unlike before, once bought, your Rims will remain in your possession and can be swapped without having to buy them again. Furthermore, custom wheels are now visible to every player and can not be switched back to default GTA rims anymore.

    Credits to Juiced 2 Wheel Pack 3

    Update status: LIVE!

    (unlike other communities we prefer to actually fulfill our promises - even if they may take a while sometimes)
    PunisherW1NST0NAvi*ArMexyKrlosHack#PREDATORSkaarjMertiRenoxReflexSackOne*AtilaxDanny##TheDragoN~*Francis#Away#SpartaNstockkkPLASMANoc^CristiaN^^NoMercyottomon99#VirusDEZK#HawakenxLessSpeedMohdCriMenTvzVentraxSNXMoonLorDVulTuReXm1a2m3^IsGhThenico#SkyressSky#Turbo^InspraARDAIN69DMNK*Cream#FlokkZ!HardyzGxtreme1ATr1XTadeusz^WestMAnUsTobseNProxy96#NekoSeNaradixaIchigo#DeansKingofSpeedTrtaaiinenNitroNCIFF0NThoriNReazZonSandwaveZQashqaiHomyatolFsbnRyZeElevenmkjagersRonaldo#Mrrko1d1KubaRaGeX*R!der*Twistty###BaZooKa^LookaTAlinEditorMTASHSPuckovsky#MaStFaVictoryReonexIronsKeLLeCiSuperNickKasty lo maxKingpierreJoeeLopahaZeRoXy!#CookieQus4YViruSNoirNeblaAlcatrazNodlehsMeraxesUnknownerInvision~HellLordTechoPeRFekTSeKaToRAnubis~Lumb^*Sonny//TolgaHamoriHedi#Lykia! 

  4. Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 18.04.2018) 18-04-2018, 01:07 • #64
    18.04.2018 - Bugfixes, Features, Improvements & Lobby Updated


    • DD Classic xDD, Hunter WSF & Shooter WSF: fixed player being able to respawn in another arena
    • PTP: fixed tyre issue @LuXorioN
    • CW Window: fixed Squads not being displayed @WW
    • DD Classic xDD: fixed nos bar not being displayed properly
    • RUN: fixed streak bug
    • Top times: fixed ability to set top times by passing through CPs in non-race arenas
    • Sidebar > Store: fixed "Donators only" button overlap in lights section
    • Arenas: fixed a rare issue when player leaves before the first countdown was started @Sniper
    • CW Shooter: fixed round being counted after a redo
    • PTP: fixed fast-shooting bug when entering a vehicle while spawn protection is enabled @LuXorioN
    • Stuntage: fixed Alpha Paradise @LuXorioN
    • Other minor fixes

    Features & Improvements:
    • Radar: disabled colored blips for admins and donators in non-team-based arenas
    • DM, DD, Hunter, Shooter & CW: added killmessages @LuXorioN
    • FFS: optimized permissions for Squads
    • FFS: prevent players to change nickname while being muted @LuXorioN
    • Sidebar > Settings: added a toggle for killmessages output @LuXorioN
    • HP: prevent cop trolling @LuXorioN
    • HP: added reward limitation @LuXorioN
    • Sidebar > Stats: comma-seperated money @Sniper
    • Streamer: toggling the hider is not available during slow motion anymore
    • Race: removed random foliage
    • Pickups: removed vehiclechange pickups from Shooter
    • CW Shooter: added missed Shooter changes
    • Training: always refresh maplist when a map was accepted @Sniper
    • RUN: added Auto-B @LuXorioN
    • Anticheat: re-allowed fast sprint @LuXorioN
    • RUN: added fast sprint issue (old RUN style) @LuXorioN
    • FFS: re-enabled fast sprint glitch @LuXorioN
    • RUN: added Auto-B cashback
    • CW Window: auto-resize depending on amount of players in team
    • EXPERIMENTAL DM Oldschool A: WFF mode is now automatically enabled when the playercount is above 35
    • Scriptloader: custom model LOD distance is now reset when unloading map scripts @Sniper
    • DD: reduced amount of rooms to 3 (removed Beta & Classic) & increased Cross slots to 32
    • RUN: completely removed punch ability @LuXorioN
    • RUN: limited sprint strokes @LuXorioN
    • Training: added ability to toggle hidden objects visible/invisible by "I" @LuXorioN
    • RUN: disabled scrolling @LuXorioN
    • RUN: removed another macro (using auto clicker) @LuXorioN
    • Mapmanager: fixed custom map elements for KMST support @Sniper
    • Juniors: fixed anonymous spacing in punishment chat message @LuXorioN
    • Sidebar > Help: removed F3 on keyboard
    • Sidebar > Clans: fixed player not being removed when leaving a clan @LuXorioN
    • Admin: added ability to (un)mute players while they're offline @LuXorioN
    • Admin: /setteam allows spaces now (been bothering for years...)
    • Streamer: highlighting players in scoreboard will make them always visible in hidden mode
    • Streamer: added /view [name part or ID] command to make a player always visible in hidden mode
    • Performance improvements & memory leak fixes @LuXorioN @Sniper

    Lobby Updated:
    • Lobby: added (g)old Join Lobby button
    • Lobby: round avatar
    • Lobby: added new custom font, better scaling quality
    • Lobby: added background image animation
    • Lobby: updated arena icons with fresh ones
    • Royal League: updated badge backgrounds as well

    Update status: LIVE!
    PunisherAvi*KrlosArMexySkaarjHack#PREDATORMertZebraiRenoxSackOne*Danny#ReflexAtilax*Francis##TheDragoN~AwayKeLLeCiCristiaN^^ZJKSky#Robert_MstockkkPLASMANoc^NoMercyNataamStuntPool#4yMDEZK##VirusTrip.TorquemD|MuthroadTobster#CookieHawakenOVERHELLMohdSpotlightCriMenTvzVentraxSNXMoonLorDVulTuReXm1a2m3Tru-SKThenico#^IsGhAlcatrazMaRTiN#InspraveeduTechoSkyressTurbo^v1talicChaoticRockZ!CankyARDAIN69DMNKVarieN#PavvlonKr3nZ^^FlokkZ!HardystarsetKFCzGxtreme1ATr1XTadeusz^ThoriNAnUsWestMTobseNProxy96SeNa#NekoN3zAXradixaIchigo#ReduszKingofSpeedDeansmD|Weed.TRTrtaaiinenNitroNsmoqCIFF0NBoboGrindReazZon#LimBoEditorMTARilexxSKYL1NE*SandwaveZRonaldoEl LukasHomyatolQashqaiFsbnRyZeElevenR0SSsprite#mkjagersUnknowner#Mrrko1d1KubaWaverideRaGeX*R!der*EmixTwistty###BaZooKa^DreamDanceLookaTAlinClassik2014#CappySHS#MaStFaAnaloqVictoryCenSoRSpacyReonexDredd#IronsSuperNickiRobbie0Kasty lo maxKingpierreJoeeLopahazk69RaedsWWUltraZzMegasXLRZeRoXy!W1NST0Nfinette1000kermyQus4YFrAnK^SHViruSNoirNeblaMrM4sl0NodlehsRobyMousy*Luffy!MeraxesInvision~GravHellLordDynamo#PeRFekTPenox'~'SeKaToRsupreme^#Mr.JacKYvetteAnubis~Alimahmuod1100[Majik]Lumb^TolgaLuna^*Sonny//WyverN844HamoriHedi#rayen007#MaNiCMagnetMTALeonieQuinnCoCoaLykia!#MRGhostFreeZon3masry 

  5. 05-08-2018, 18:25

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    Server Changelog(Latest Update: 04.08.2018) 05-08-2018, 18:25 • #65
    05.08.2018 - Stuntage Update

    Total of 38 new stunts.
    Total of $130,000

    Underground Arena by #MaNiC and FiXi'
    29 new stunts.

    City Jumps by #MaNiC and FiXi'
    8 new stunts.

    Update status: LIVE!
    Gamespy alternative: http://333networks.com/donate

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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 05.08.2018) 12-08-2018, 23:13 • #66
    12.08.2018 - Bugfixes, Improvements & Beach Ball Stadium


    • Lobby: fixed "falling down CJ" sound after leaving an arena
    • Training: fixed map list being opened when a new map is accepted
    • Sidebar > Store: fixed wrong vehicle color price

    Features & Improvements:
    • DM & RUN: Auto-B is now always enabled & completely free
    • Shooter: RMB does no longer trigger main weapon when there is no secondary weapon equipped
    • Sidebar > Maps: reduced price for next map to $5,000 with Premium and $10,000 without
    • Sidebar > Radio: reduced price for radio songs to $10,000

    Beach Ball Stadium by KingOfSpeed:

    Update status: LIVE!

  7. Today, 14:14
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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 12.08.2018) Today, 14:14 • #67
    23.09.2018 - Improvements, Bringing Back The Big Guns & Mass Amnesty!


    • DM Hunter: fixed no rewards being given to last player who reaches hunter with autob
    • DM Hunter: fixed player in training mode triggering next map upon reaching hunter while another player is still alive
    • RUN: fixed map ending when second last player quits
    • RUN: fixed players being able to start before actual countdown
    • Arenas: prevent an exploit where a player could join an empty arena and trigger early countdown

    • DM Hunter: time left is now reduced to 3 minutes once a hunter was reached
    • Sidebar > Stats: updated Toptimes & added more map statistics

    Protect The President:
    • Hunter: added 20 random Hunter spawns of which 5 spawn every map
    • Rhino: added 20 random Rhino spawns of which 5 spawn every map
    • Medics: ambulances are now immune to damage dealt by other players
    • Medics: ambulances can only be driven by medics
    • Radar: fixed president being able to see Terrorists/Civilians when driving as a passenger

    We forgive - again!

    We are paroling all bans older than 1 January 2017 allowing for a total of 758 players to become part of our community again!

    Update status: Pending...
    QashqaiAtilaxm1a2m3PREDATORFreeZon3AlinReonexThoriNwillplashAnUs#TheDragoN~AwayArchuraiSawyer#NoMercyAvi*Cardosin!ExciteEfect13NitroNYa$s!Ne#^IsGhDurgunTONY#xDarK1nGInvision~TrtaaiinenRichardx^Dredd#iFunnyoHevi#Hedi#ATr1XVulTuReXAlcatrazFars#v1talicLumb^Turbo^ottomon99zGxtreme1Luna^SmoK!HamoriMaRTiN#CIFF0NWestMPunisherSubway#LookaT^Sky^ZeRoN!SeNaSeKaToRTKNMete!MayrouHellLordadwaidspKasty lo maxloldodDeansHawakenTechoANTAR!VuuaaK98AnasKaraeen*Francis#*Ksa*Noc^MoonLorDLewnmkjagersTailsDwixmasrymD|MuthroadRuzikaSCROXZC0NN3RsuupersaiyanAnubis~RilexxSKYL1NE**R!der*ElCrowChaoticbum8hj123Blaze343NIRVANA!ThorMTAZeta.Guto#FuckyRobert_MHardyReaxerz##MRAhmed 

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