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Spooky Scary Skeletons - it's Halloween, the festival that takes place every year on October 31. It is a time when children and adults dress up in costumes, go trick or treating and make jack-o-lanterns from empty pumpkins. We are dressing up our Community aswell and have a lot of free candy to give out! Enjoy a week full of celebration, halloween flair and events. Starting off with a tasty portion of...

By Sniper • Oct 30 • 6,683 89 218
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It all started off more than 12 years ago, when the original release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas kickstarted a completely new era of multiplayer gaming in the GTA series. Back then, the MTA experience was nothing like it is nowadays; very basic vehicle synchronization and a only limited set of gamemodes existed - Race, Freeroam, DeathMatch and Demolition Derby. In fact, one could not even leave his vehicle,...

By Sniper • Jul 11 • 6,037 32 169
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Free Premiumfor 8 daysFree Auto-Bfor a limited time2x Points & Cashon all ArenasNo-Delay addedon DMNew TRON Stadiumby KingOfSpeed250€ Prize Poolfor Lucky 7Fresh Trialsfor you to abuse After all these years, today totalling a whopping number of 8, it almost seems like waiting for this particular day has become some kind of tradition amongst our most loyal community members. Expectations are growing with each year...

By Sniper • Jun 29 • 14,636 179 294
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FFS Gaming bids farewell to outgoing 2017 2017 was an important year for us. Going through internal changes, collaborating with people we have never worked before, and finally recovering from the dramatic events happened in 2016. Despite all the difficulties, we believe this year has been very rich with updates; therefore, it is only right to wrap it up in the same manner. Hopefully, you are still sober because we have...

By WW • Dec 31 • 16,370 215 327
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MTA: SA Main
Players: 224/4096
MTA: SA CarBall
Merged with Main server
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Upcoming Events

MAD - M - MT - Uff Dec 10
WFF 18
Group 4 Dec 11
DoA - FFS Dec 12
7TF - iW Dec 13
xRz - 7TF Dec 14
MAD - TC Dec 14
Game 35 Dec 15
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/TfF\ 8-5
B# 11-2
SiK 358-340
|-XpR-| 55-85
NKC 399-297
SGA 342-358
xN# 71-69
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About Us
FFS Gaming (formerly named FFS Racing) is a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas racing community which was founded in April 2010 by Bauss and Reny. It started out as a DM/DD server, launched on June 29th 2010. Our main principle is to stand out of the crowd, innovate and to be a trendsetter. We are the home of different mapping tools (VCLG & Toolbox) that kickstarted a new era in mapping. In December 10th 2011, FFS merged with SHC (Small Hustlers Crew), adding Sniper to admin team as a co-leader. In summer 2012, we launched the first multi-gamemode server on the platform, which quickly became a big success. February 22th 2015 was a big day for us - we have beaten the record that stands still - 824 players online! In December 3th 2015, we merged with one of the oldest & biggest communities - FOTL (Firestarters Of The Land), adding Tails to the team and a whole legacy of WFF (Who Finishes First) tournament. Today, we are the #1 largest racing type server on MTA:SA, and #2 most popular server overall.